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  Khaolak Beach (South)


A dream beach in the tropics...


... south
of Khao Lak the beautiful Andaman Sea

Swimming in the sea
around the clock,


natural and comfortable bungalows,


cool beach restaurants and beach cafes,

many activities in an unspoilt nature,


memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, caves, and waterfalls in the nearby jungle.

  Khaolak Beach (South), also Kaolak Beach or Merlin Beach

This beautiful sandy beach extends for about 700 metres, bordered by a small river to the right and a barrier of rocks to the left, beyond continues Poseidon Beach.
The wood covered headland to the north protects this beach from the heavy waves during the monsoon so that swimming is often possible with a little caution.
The large
Merlin Resort, a 4-star resort, is beautifully integrated into the tree covered landscape.
New are the
Emerald Beach Resort with over 300 rooms, the Briza Resort with 181 rooms, and the lovely Diamond Beach Resort with 86 very spacious rooms. The Diamond Beach Resort is managed in a very friendly family-style. We are delighted that we can now book the beachfront bungalow rooms for an extremely low price -- the best value for money in any resort of Khao Lak during Christmas.
The less posh
Poseidon is situated at a picturesque river mouth 1 km further south. It is run by the Swede Olof who offers snorkelling trips to the Similan Islands.
From Khaolak Beach (South) it takes about 10 minutes by car to Khao Lak Town, 5 km to the north beyond Khao Lak-Lamru National Park.


(Researched again in April 2013 by Richard Doring)


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and Bungalows at Khaolak (South):



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Among these peaceful resorts we can book one now for individual guests ...

Khaolak Beach (South) (Access from KM 54,7 and from KM 53,5):
Khaolak Merlin Resort

4000 - 7500


80 - 150 Euro


Tel: 076-428300
Fax: 076-443200
5050-6500 Baht/room

Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa



3500 - 10500


70 - 210 Euro

Richard Doring informs: Very large hotel and spacious villas by the beach.

We are delighted to have this small and beautiful resort at Merlin Beach now available for our guests:
Diamond Beach Resort
(Khun Nud)
(Rooms and bungalows are available during
Christmas/New Year!)


Room in Bungalow

Super Special Rate
2800 - 3300


66 - 78 Euro

Information and reservation by
Internet Booking Service:

Diamond Beach Resort

Richard Doring informs (November 2010): Beautiful Resort with two- and three-storey buildings as well as two rowhouse bungalows, a total of 86 rooms; the smallest resort in a most beautiful situation at this wonderful beach.
All rooms have free WiFi. Exceptionally beautiful are the 2 beachfront rooms in a rowhouse bungalow buildings, just opposite the swimming pool, all rooms with undisturbed seaview from the terrace -- ideal for families with one or two children.
Only our Internet Booking Service Khao Lak can offer these specials of exceptional value: the Beachfront Bungalow Rooms for only 2800 Baht in November and only 3300 Baht in December -- minimum booking of 7 nights. The third guest with own bed pays 500 Baht including breakfast, tax, and service charge.
The Diamond Beach Resort is especially family friendly: children under 6 years in the bed of the parents are free of charge, children under 12 years sharing the bed of the parents are also free, but pay only 150 Baht for the breakfast. A set lunch costs only 250 Baht, a set dinner 350 Baht, a seafood dinner 500 Baht -- half prices for children under 12 years, free for children under 3 years.  

  .  .  .

The Briza Beach Resort

3000 - 6000


60 - 120 Euro

Richard Doring informs: New hotel, rooms on the ground floor have their own sala.

(14 bungalows)



19 Euro


Tel/Fax: 076-443258

Richard Doring informs: Beautiful bungalows with shower/WC, Fan and mosquito net, some picturesquely situated by the riverside, with seaview, 2 rooms in the main building. Olof, the swedish owner, offers snorkeling tours to the Similan Islands. Own homepage:  

Pramote Bungalows

400 - 600


8 - 12 Euro


Tel: 089-5929660

Coconut Waterfall Resort
(Khun Pat Junkaew)


1 bungalow and 1 house
from wood

400 - 1500


8 - 30 Euro


Tel: 089-5882842

Bungalows by the side of Ton Pling Waterfall.
 May we (Richard and Dagmar) help you to book your holiday bungalow at Khao Lak for you?

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