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   Excursions around Khao Lak

...the dream beach in the tropics...

Khao Lak Beach (5K)

... Khao Lak the beautiful
Andaman Sea

The clear Andaman Sea (2K)

Swimming in the sea
around the clock,

Sita Garden - Khao Lak

Ferienhaeuser am Strand

natural and comfortable bungalows,


cool beach restaurants and beach cafes,

A small beach bar (3K)

Ton Pling Waterfall - Khao Lak

many activities in an unspoilt nature,

Rocky Island at the Similans (3K)

memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs,
bizarre rock formations, islands, caves,
and waterfalls in the jungle.

Excursions from Khao Lak:  
To the Khao Sok National Park

 By Bus, Jeep, or Car

4 km from Takua Pa turns off the H401 (KM 145.5) to the right in the direction of Surat Thani (156 Km). The road skirts the wide Takua Pa valley and then swings in elegant curves up into the hill country. Beyond the pass at the KM 107 marker, the marvellous scenery of the age old lime rocks can be seen. At the KM 109.1 marker, turn left and continue a further 2 km to the vast rain forest-national park.

Many travellers make this stop between the coasts, because only in the Khao Sok National Park, they can spend the night so reasonably in pleasant, even romantic guest houses, with the rain forest directly outside of the door! The park is by no means overrun, at most, only a few thousand tourists per year visit the forest. Entry fee 400 Baht for 7 days, car 20 Baht.

The nature lover can expect thick jungle, limestone caves, waterfalls, nice footpaths along brooks and nature trails.

The forest is home to many rare creatures such as Elephants, Leopard, Asian black bear, Gaur and Serow (indigenous breeds of Asian wild cattle), although the opportunity to observe these animals in their natural environment really does need a trip lasting a minimum of several days. More easily observed but still requiring an element of luck, are gibbons, wild boar, wood peckers, squirrels, otters and hornbills. In the past, there were also tigers living in the forest but to be seen today would be extremely rare, if at all.
Only few years ago some specimens of the Rafflesia (Rafflesia kerrii major or, 'Buah Poot' in Thai) were found, not that far from the entrance to the park, a parasitic plant that grows on the roots of the liana, a woody species of vine.

Rafflesia kerrii meijer (9K)

With its plate-shaped centre and having six brick-red and white speckled petals and measuring a massive 80 cms in diameter, makes it the largest single blossom on earth. According to the locals, it blossoms at the beginning of the rainy season in June / July. Other sources suggest that it flowers from September to December, yet more say that it can be seen in flower all year round. Anyone searching for these specimens can ask in any of the park offices for advice on its whereabouts, because apparently, they can also be found in several places outside the park
The elegant palm, Kerridoxia Elegans (also known as the Langkow palm) is another attraction for botanists.

Bamboo House, Khao Sok (16K)
New phone: 081-787 7484, 077-395 014

Those who would like to explore and have fun in the rivers and pools, can have the simplest pleasure using an inflated inner tube, the best time of year for this experience is in the rainy season when the water levels have risen.
The jungle in this park can be easily explored, even when travelling alone, providing you stay on the trails and pathways. Those not so confident of exploring alone can hire a guide from one of the park offices. During the monsoon season, from May to December, the park is more suited to people who are not concerned about leeches (or 'Tahk', in Thai), using one of the local remedies as a repellent helps, for example, tobacco juice or tiger balm.

To aid in combating against the tics (or 'Hep', in Thai), that are more prominent from January to April, it helps to tuck your trouser legs into your socks and to use a good repellent for protection. Be prepared for changes in temperature as it can get surprisingly cold at night in the rain forest. Additionally, from June to August you will find the strong smelling but tasty Durian fruit ripening in the undergrowth

    "The Khao Lak Map 2014"
around Khao Lak

Khao Lak

   Phang Nga

Excursions from Khao Lak (60K)

Khao Lak







The highlighted
excursions are worthwhile on
your own from
Khao Lak
by car, jeep,
bike, motorbike,
bus or boat


Khao Lak Promotion

Tour descriptions (beginning at kilometer marker KM 60 in Khao Lak)
Kapong Tour
(106,6 km without side trips):

(black dots)

Kapong-Tour (12K)

From Khao Lak you head south on Highway 4 (H4) for 15.5 km until you reach the intersection where you bare left towards Thung Maphrao. After a further 1.1 km (16.6 km) take the left turn onto a country road heading to Ban Na Noi.

After 3 km you come to a village where on the right you will see a workshop where bamboo furniture is made for the many resorts in the area.

After 1.6 km (21.2 km) you turn to the left at the T-junction. On this newly asphalted country road, the 4003, you drive through unspoilt rural areas with practically no traffic, this brings you to Ban Chang Non (27.3 km) and then through a small mountain pass (33 km) up to the H4090 (34.9 km) where you turn left again.

After another 6 km (40.9 km) a new asphalt road with pot holes turns to the right at the road sign "Lumru Waterfall 5 km". After 4.5 km (45.4 km) the next road sign "Lumru Waterfall 800 m" directs you to the right onto a narrow concrete road to a car park, from here it is a 2 minute walk along the reservoir banks to the unspectacular Lamru Waterfall.

Back on the main road and a further 2.6 km (48 km) you come to a cross roads.

Turn right here on to a concrete road that ends after 3 km at Hin Lad Waterfall which consists of rapids and water basins, where you will find the village children enjoying themselves swimming and playing in the water with inner tubes (15 Baht per person).

Kapong-Tour (12K)

On a narrow road (H4175) you drive for 5 km until you reach the market town of Kapong (53 km) where, on Sunday mornings, a large market takes place (to the left in a side road).

Having passed Wat Kapong with a Chedi, you continue to the northern end of the town (54.5 km) where you see the road signs "Park Weep Waterfall 3 km" and "Hot springs 8 km". You take the road heading north (drawn yellow on my map).

Having taken this road, after 11.4 km, on the right hand side, you pass the junction to the Naresuan Temple (Wat Narai Nikayaram) where some old Indian statues are placed in a new hall.

(1.8 km further you reach the T junction at highway H401 and the Km130 marker. Turning right here leads to Surat Thani and left takes you to Takua Pa.)

From here on, there aren't any signposts directing you to the Hot Springs. From the yellow road, after 4.7 km, keep right to Ban Bang Pang and 400 mts further on, at the school, keep right again on to the new wide road, the 5014, which ends after 4.4 km. 500mts to the right from here you will find the Hot Springs. The hot water can be seen bubbling from the riverbed in various spots where it flows for 100 mts before joining the cold water of the river. There you might go for a paddle in the warm water.

Kapong-Tour (12K)

If you continue until you have passed through the village of Kapong (54.5 km), you meet the H4090 again after 1.1km (sooner than it looks on the map!) (55.6 km) and turn right at the road sign "Takua Pa 32 km", "Ranong 163 km".

After 9.2 km (64.8 km) you turn left on to the H4032 (signposted "Takua Pa 16 km", "Khao Lak 49 km").

After 1.6 km through the village of Ban Tamtua, to the right you will see the nice village temple Wat Kuan Niyom, definitely worth a stop, particularly as you also have a nice view across the wide valley.

5.2 km further (71.6 km) the new connecting road to Pakweep turns off.

The Chinese temple (300mts further on the left) is quite interesting.

Behind the bridge you enter the old town Talad Takua Pa which is best explored on foot. The town is full of character with the old arcade houses, built in the Chinese style, still to be seen. Every second or third year in September the town centre gets flooded for a few days to a depth of around a metre. There is a lot of flood damage to be seen on the buildings but this doesn't detract from the overall morbid charm.

We recommend returning to the Pakweep road (71.6 km). Although this is a new road, it may have some treacherous pot holes. Still, this is a minor irritation whilst driving through the beautiful landscape.

We recommend to trace back to the Pakweep Road (71.6 km). Indeed, this is a new road, however, shows many treacherous pot holes. Still it is a regional tidbit running through beautiful landscape.
The road leads past forest and plantations to the west for 23.2 km until arriving at the H4 (KM 71.8). Now there are only 11.8 km before getting back to Khao Lak. A total of 106.6 km

Phang Nga Tour:
(green dots)

Phang Nga Tour (15K)

H4 - Thung Maphrao (18,3 km) - H4240 - KM 9,3: Sitting Buddha Statue under the big Bo Tree (Ban Nikom) - junction Ban Buk Pui (33,3 km) - H4090 - junction H4 (47,4 km) - H4 - KM 43,9 (51,2 km): turn-off to Sa Nang Manora Forest Park  (4 km) - Phang Nga (54,4 km) - Wat Sawan Khuha - H415 - Thap Put - H4118 - Wat Bang Riang - H4118 - Thap Put - H4 - beautiful mountain road - turn-off H4090 - turn-off H4240 - Thung Maphrao - H4 - Khao Lak

Thai Muang Tour: (red dots)

Thai Muang Tour (11K)

H4 - Thung Maphrao (18,3 km) - H4240 (1,5 km) - turn right to Ban Klang - pass "Sawasdee Lagoon" campsite - Bo Dan - H4 - Khok Kloi - very beutiful country road - Hot Spring Resort - Hot Springs - rural scenery - Thai Muang - Hat Thai Muang National Park - Thai Muang - H4 - Lam Pi Waterfall - Khao Lak

    Modes of transport for your own excursions  
  By bus and taxi

Public buses leave Khao Lak approx. every hour in both directions, south to Phuket and north to Takua Pa, past Khao Sok and on to Surat Thani. They stop at all stops by request. (Just wave them down).

Non-ac-Bus Nr. 465 nach Surat Thani (7K)

Air-conditioned buses (blue) stop only if they still have seats free or are prebooked. It is advisable to book in advance if you plan to take a trip to Surat Thani or Bangkok as the bus is nearly always full. Good advice can always be obtained from the local tour agents, such as Milky Way Travel, or with Khao Lak Guide Co.

With the travel agency Khaolak 2000 a minibus goes twice daily to Phuket and Patong for 800 Baht per person. With TKP Travel and Khaolak 2000 you can book taxis and minibuses to visit almost all destinations in the south of Thailand, including Malaysia and Bangkok.


Car rental in Khao Lak

Renting a car gives you the freedom to travel when and where you please. Here are a few points to consider, when you decide to rent a vehicle, you must remember that, in Thailand, you drive on the left, as in the UK.

There are certain traffic rules that must be adhered to, however, the unwritten rules are often more important. Thus buses, trucks, water buffaloes and pigs will always take priority on the roads! Chickens and dogs are ignored by Thai drivers. Please be advised, when driving, never assume that the car or motorcycle in front of you is aware of the fact that you are behind them.

Be prepared for sudden right turns, U turns or any other manoeuvre that may take you by surprise!! Before renting and driving a vehicle on the road, check the tyres, the brakes, the horn, the lights and the indicators and especially for any previous accident damage, on returning the vehicle, you might get an expensive surprise when trying to claim your deposit back!

Renting a motorcycle is a very affordable means of getting about but should only be undertaken if you have previous experience. Always wear a crash helmet, it is the law in Thailand, even if you observe others not doing so and it can save your life! Be aware that foreigners must pay in accidents, always, regardless of who was to blame. Liability insurance (you should always enquire with the rental company) only covers a claim to a maximum of 50,000 Baht. Motorcycle riding in Thailand can be very dangerous and unfortunately has the highest accident statistics in the country.


Renting a car is far less of a risk. Along the main street several small rental companies offer jeeps (Suzuki Caribbean) from approx. 850 Baht per day. The Khao Lak Beach Service rental firm has a large selection of 3 to 4 year-old vehicles. They include only a basic insurance, though.

Suzuki Caribbean und Nissan Queen Cab (7K)

Some private individuals will rent out their car or pick-up for short periods, sometimes for as little as 600 Baht per day, for example, the red Suzuki. Be aware that this is done at your own risk!

We have had the best experiences with regard to service and prices for some years now with the rental company "Airport Car Rent ", situated opposite the entrance to Phuket International Airport. To e-mail for inquiries, go to, they tend to answer promptly. On their homepage all relevant information regarding prices, makes and models of rental vehicles can be found. A Nissan NV with automatic, for example, (as in the photo on the right) is good value for money at 700 Baht per day (min. 15 days) or 500 Baht per day (min. one month). Included is the supposedly best car insurance of Thailand, AIG.

You can rent vehicles from affiliates of the more common international companies such as Hertz or Budget, which have branches in Khao Lak. Renting from Budget allows you to return the car to any one of the 16 branches they have across Thailand. You must pay by credit card and you will be covered by a fully comprehensive insurance.




  Golf around Khao Lak  
  On the homepage there is a description of the 18-hole golf course at Thap Lamu. It is located 10 Km to the south of Khao Lak, the prices are relatively inexpensive.

The next 18-hole golf course, is 25 Km further south, in Thai Mueang:

There are two more courses north of Khao Lak, one is near the dam at the reservoir in Khao Sok National Park (1 1/2 hrs away) and another located in Ranong (2 hrs away).
In addition, there are many golf courses in Phuket.


  Tennis in Khao Lak  
  On the website  6 Resorts in Khao Lak are listed offering tenniscourts for their customers.
Most centrally located at Nang Thong Beach  is the Seaview Resort, which has 2 tennis courts. Non-guests, too, can play there. They just have to become temporary members in the Seaview Sports Club which is not expensive at all.
At Bang Niang Beach the La Flora has a tennis court, at Khuk Khak Beach the JW Marriott, at Pakarang Beach the Takolaburi Cultural Resort & Spa, at Pakweep Beach the Le Meridien und at Khao Lak South Beach the Merlin Resort.

Transport can be easily arranged with the local songthaew taxis.


  Elephant Trekking close to Khao Lak  
  There are several elephant camps close to Khao Lak offering elephant treks through plantations and jungle. This is especially exciting for children who will find this a memorable adventure. These trips last from between 30 and 60 minutes, which apart from being exhilarating, can be quite tiring, especially for children. The best elephant camp for small children is situated at Bang Sak where the terrain is relatively flat. Longer tours can be arranged.  

  National Parks close to Khao Lak  
  I have travelled to more than 80 countries and have visited hundreds of national parks (my passion) but worldwide, I have never been to an area which is surrounded by so many National Parks as in Khao Lak.
The 14 Thai National Parks and 2 nature reserves listed below serve not only to aid in the preservation of the nature and wildlife within but also provide an opportunity for locals and tourists to enjoy its breath taking beauty. Locals can be found relaxing and using the swimming areas in the parks at weekends.
All of these National Parks can be visited from Khao Lak, on day trips and without prior reservation, (the entry fee is a hefty 400 Baht per person)..

In Phang Nga Province:
  • Khao Lak - Lam Ru N.P. (5 km, Chong Fah Waterfall, primeval forest)
  • Mu Ko Similan Marine N.P. (14 km to the harbour Thap Lamu, islands, coral reefs, world class-diving)
  • Khao Lam Pi - Hat Thai Muang N.P. (30 km, Lam Pi Waterfall, mangroves, sea turtles)
  • Ao Phang Nga Marine N.P. (65 km to the harbour, world class boat trip to limestone rocks, mangroves, James Bond Island, sea canoe journeys to sea caves)
  • Sar Nang Manora Forest Park (55 km, not a N.P., but just as worthwhile, waterfalls, swimming, primeval forest)
  • Sri Phang Nga N.P. (55 km, Tam Nang Waterfall, primeval forest)
  • Mu Ko Ra - Ko Prathong N.P. (96 km to the harbour, islands, mangroves)
  • Mu Ko Surin Marine N.P. (96 km to the harbour, islands, coral, world class-snorkelling)

On the island of Phuket:

  • Sirinath Marine N.P. (85 km, sea turtles)
  • Khao Phra Taeo Wildlife Park (100 km, primeval forest, Tone Sai Waterfall)

In Krabi Province:

  • Than Boke Khorani N.P. (140 km, Limestone rocks, caves and swimming)

In Surat Thani Province:

  • Khao Sok N.P. (72 km or 129 km, Rain forest, waterfalls, swimming, tree-houses, reservoir with limestone rock, floating bungalows.)
  • Khlong Phanom N.P. (100 km, waterfalls, limestone caves, nature walks, rainforest)

In Ranong Province:

  • Laem Son N.P. (157 km, mangroves, beaches, islands)
  • Mu Ko Phayam N.P. (180 km, islands, mangroves)
  • Namtok Ngao N.P. (190 km, Ngao Waterfall)

On the Website  the National Parks Authority of Thailand introduces these National Parks and 134 others. Beside the wildlife and geography of the parks, the tourist attractions and accommodation possibilities are also described in words and pictures.

When a more distant Park is to be visited, an overnight stay is recommended. For the most comprehensive information regarding accommodation and National Park Reservations visit:
However, the method of payment is problematic, because the total booking price must be transferred in advance to a Thai account. For guests of our reservation service, perhaps we can assist, esp. for the Similan and Surin National Parks.
Under  a new web site that has more than 54 National Parks listed with all booking information. Online reservations can be made for accommodation in the park or surrounding area using Visa card, however, we have had no personal experience with this service.

The Mu Ko Surin National Park is well catered for by the travel agencies in Khao Lak. They make all reservations without fuss.
Happy Lagoon Tours (beside the Nang Thong Supermarket) offers the journey by bus and boat for 1700 Baht return per person and the air-con bungalows can be booked for 2000 Baht per night, tents for 400 Baht per night.
The boat trip to Similan National Park with Happy Lagoon Tours can be booked for 1600 Baht (including collection from the Resort), the air-con bungalows are priced at 2000 Baht per night and without air-con for 1000 Baht.


 May we (Richard and Dagmar) help you to book your holiday bungalow at Khao Lak for you?

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Khaolak South

Sunset Beach - Khao Lak

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