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First-hand information about Khao Lak,
the new holiday destination in the South of Thailand,
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Family Holidays in Khao Lak


A dream beach in the tropics...

Khao Lak Beach (5K)

... Khao Lak the beautiful
Andaman Sea

The clear Andaman Sea (2K)

Swimming in the sea
around the clock,

Sita Garden - Khao Lak

Coconut Bungalows - Bang Niang Beach -Khao Lak

natural and comfortable bungalows,


cool beach restaurants and cosy beach bars,

A small beach bar (3K)

Ton Pling Waterfall - Khao Lak

many activities in an unspoilt nature,

Beautiful Bang Niang Beach (3K)

memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, islands, caves, and waterfalls in the nearby jungle.

    Holidays with Children in Khao Lak  
  Khao Lak is a holiday destination with a perfect beach that is especially nice for families with small children: the fine sand gliding into the sea with a gentle slope, hardly any stones or other hard objets in the sand. Some care should be taken at the picturesque rock barriers at Nang Thong Beach because the sea shells grow there in profusion and the sharp edges can cut the tender skin. Near some rock formations there are also sea urchins that may cause wounds that do not heal easily.

But these are minor problems easily to avoid.


A perfect beach for children   ... and parents ...  ... and their new friends.

The real problem is that there are still not enough bungalows suitable for families. The constructors of the resorts simply did not envisage that this beach might become a popular family destination. It would be too costly now to convert the rooms into family units.

In almost all resorts a small child may sleep in the bungalow with the parents on a mattress or in an extra bed, in some resorts even without a surcharge.

    "The Khao Lak Map 2014"
for Families in Khao Lak 2014:

Khao Lak

   Phang Nga

Khao Lak: For Families and Children (28K)

Khao Lak








All highlighted
have bungalows
or rooms
for families

Khao Lak Promotion

The holiday village Sita Garden directly at Bang Niang Beach was especially built with families in mind.
For families there are 2 Holiday Bungalows (A1, A2) with one built in extra bed (2 metres long).
The Family Seaview House B1 and C1 have a separate small room with a normal size bunk bed (2 metres).
These holiday bungalows cost 3200 Baht PLUS 300 Baht for each child using a bed.
For promotion, for C1 the room rate is only 2400 Baht.
One child sleeping in the bed of the parents is free of charge.

The pictures of the children were taken at this beach in front of Sita Garden.

A perfect beach for children   ... and parents ...  ... and their new friends.

Also at Bang Niang Beach Cousin Resort has 2 Family Suites with two sleeping rooms and one living room, bathroom and verandah for 3500 Baht each per night with air condition or 3200 Baht with fan only.
Khao Lak Green Beach Resort has 4 double bungalows with two rooms that are connected. They are ideal for families with grown-up kids. They have air-conditioning and cost 1500 Baht per room.
For ONE family the rate for 2 rooms with connecting door is ONLY 2800 Baht, so they save 200 Baht per day.

Green Beach: Family Bungalow FF1/FF2 (20K)

The Suwan Palm Resort at Nang Thong Beach has built 10 very spacious Family Rooms. Each room has 1 single bed at one end and a double bed at the other end.
As soon as we get some new information about bungalows suitable for families we will check them out and publish our impressions here.



The Orchid Beach Resort is situated at the very lonely, palmfringed, sandy beach of Khuk Khak Beach, ideal for complete relaxation. The 3-storey hotel building is of 3 star standard and has comfortable furniture in the rooms. The beautiful pool is surrounded by an unusually vast reclining area on perfect lawn. For families with 2 to 4 children there are 2 spacious family suites with 2 sleeping rooms on the ground floor, including a bathroom with a bath tub and a living room with a large fridge.

In Bang Muang (between the highway and the beach, 15 to 20 km from Khao Lak) there is an ideal Holiday Home for 2 Families:
Green Garden Villa
Holiday Home
(3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living kitchen,
swimming pool,
800 m to the beach)

  Green Garden Vacation Rental 

 Pool in Green Garden 

4 Sterne Ferienhaus

5000 Baht

120 Euro

Information and reservation by
Internet Booking Service:
Khao Lak

Green Garden

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 Pool in Green Garden 

 May we book your holiday bungalow at Khao Lak for you?

The resorts at  

Khaolak South

Sunset Beach - Khao Lak

Nang Thong Beach - Khao Lak

Bang Niang Beach - Khao Lak

Khuk Khak Beach - Khao Lak

Bang Sak Beach - Khao Lak

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