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   Shopping in Khao Lak the dream beach in the tropics...

Khao Lak Beach (5K)

... Khao Lak the beautiful
Andaman Sea

The clear Andaman Sea (2K)

Swimming in the sea
around the clock,

Sita Garden - Khao Lak

Ferienhaeuser am Strand

natural and comfortable bungalows,


cool beach restaurants and beach cafes,

A small beach bar (3K)

Ton Pling Waterfall - Khao Lak

many activities in an unspoilt nature,

Rocky Island at the Similans (3K)

memorable excursions to fishing villages, coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, islands, caves, and waterfalls in the nearby jungle.

  The "Khao Lak Tourist Guide" writes:  
  Shopping can be real fun in Thailand and it can be cheap, too.

In the Khaolak Shopping Bazaar, in Sawasdee Plaza 1 & 2, along Petchkasem Highway or at the junction to the beach at Ban Bang Niang you find many small shops, offering all kinds of souvenirs and clothing.
Of course, there are also cosmetics, beverages, and foodstuff for sale. Most shops are open until 9 p.m. at least.

  The widest selection presents the first supermarket in the area -- Nang Thong Supermarket. The owners know the preferences of their customers for over 15 years already.  
  For tailor-made clothing nobody has to spend valuable holiday time in Bangkok. Khao Lak, too, has a large number of excellent tailors. Meanwhile there are over 30 (!!!) tailor shops in Khao Lak, some of them in showy buildings. Quite a few of them belong to the same owners who live somewhere else. The staff is mostly of Indian or Nepali origin.  




    "The Khao Lak Map 2014"
and Markets of Khao Lak (August 2014):

Khao Lak

   Phang Nga

Shops in Khao Lak (19K)

Khao Lak









All white boxes
in the map
are shops
and markets

Khao Lak Promotion


Local Markets and Tourist Markets

The market in Ban Bang Niang has become famous. No tourist wants to miss this event that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon behind the 7 Eleven in the center of Bang Niang. This open market is very picturesque and offers many motifs for taking pictures. All daily necessities are sold here: fruit, vegetables, flowers, clothes, kitchen utensils... Even counters with fresh meat, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood offer their goods. In the front area there are many counters with ready to eat foodstuff in a huge variety, mostly for 20 to 50 Baht per piece or meal. A portion of sticky rice adds 5 Baht to the bill. Also a large number of desserts are made fresh. All the market vendors are friendly and laugh a lot which creates a very welcoming atmosphere.
The prices are generally not elevated, except for the shops with clothes for tourists where bargaining is a necessity.

  Money Changers, ATMs, and Banks

Everywhere in Khao Lak along the shopping roads there are booths with money changers, mostly open until 10 pm. Also all banks in Nang Thong have money change counters open until late. The only bank in Bang Niang, the TMB Bank, does NOT have the money change facility, though. If you need a bank for your money business, you have to take a taxi to Nang Thong (Khao Lak Center) and carry your passport with you.
Visa and Mastercard and a large variety of other credit and debit cards are accepted by most of the many ATM machines. They dispense a maximum of 10000 Baht or 20000 Baht, for a fee of 150 Baht per transaction independent of the amount.
The Siam Commercial Bank seems to be the best choice for opening an account, which is a good idea if you plan to come to Khao Lak more often.

The resorts change money generally for a much less favorable rate as everywhere in the world. They might be the only option if you need Thai Baht after 10 pm.

  Internetshops are hard to find nowadays.

In most resorts a few terminals are available for guests. Others offer Wireless LAN (WLAN) by the company Kirz for a steep rate. Many resorts offer free internet access for their guests, some in the lobby only, others in all rooms.




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